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The year is 2014. America's most notorious domestic terrorist, Karl Justice, has been dead for over 10 years. Strangely, his name resurfaces when an illicit exchange is botched. Who is using Karl Justice's identity? Will the authorities learn the answer in enough time to prevent the unthinkable from happening?

Old Soldiers is a story born in the last days of World War II. Across the globe, five men/five families feel the pull towards New York City.What is the mysterious connection they share? Why are they being called together? The pieces in a game that has been playing out for years are moving closer and closer to the end game. The end of the world?

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A nuclear device has been smuggled into New York City, and it has gone missing. The FBI and the Military start a desperate search to track down the missing deadly weapon. Is it co-incidence that Karl Justice, long thought dead, America���s most notorious domestic terrorist has resurfaced in New York City at this time? Who is John Smith, the mysterious industrialist, and why is this drama playing across the globe? The fate of five men seems tied to the search for the bomb. How are these men connected and what clues in their past may lead to finding and stopping the unthinkable from happening. Is there time?


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Jack Quinn and John Henry fight to find their way�� out of the treacherous jungles of New Guinea. Karl Justice continues��his search to obtain the missing nuclear suitcase bomb. The answers to�� the future may lay in the past. A past that reveals the event that��changed the lives of The Five forever. The story shifts to the last days of World War Two, where a fated mission changed the timelines and future of these five men, five families. Time is running out, is there��enough to stop the untimate disaster??