Oh boy, is THIS going to be great. will it knock your socks off? Maybe.

Its going on now, but its NEVER too late to join in, check out the links below.

ARGnet :


1. This game is for entertainment purtposes. Any similarity between any persons finctional or non fictional, living or dead, is coincidental and non-intentional.
2. By playing the game (playing being emailing, response, participation) you agree to receive email updates on the game and comics, and promotions from Big House Comics, llc. to opt out of any emails, send an email to with the subject "UNSUBSCRIBE"
3. Any content an emails sent to game sites or addresses may be republished.
4. Any request for interviews or not in-game materials may be addressed to :
5. Any player who violates the privacy of other players will be ejected from the game.